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Retail POS Solutions

Integrity Retail (POS) is intelligent point-of-sale software designed to improve business management by enabling retail operations to work seamlessly with technology. Your head office, retail teams and management are empowered with a retail information platform that is flexible, robust, easy to use and communicates with inventory levels to keep your business in balance.

Integrity Retail (POS) combines point-of-sale functionality with merchandising, distribution, debtors and creditors. With its high-security functionality, retail intelligence and stringent control, our software is affordable and secure and improves accuracy. Integrity Retail (POS) is a Microsoft-based application that fully supports all Windows platforms.


An end-to-end solution, Integrity Retail (POS) is ideal for retailers:

  • with multiple stores
  • expanding their retail operations
  • with varied locations and retail complexities
  • requiring inventory management for warehouses.

Some Integrity Retail (POS) features:

  • Advanced synchronisation with iConnect for a global view of your branches
  • Automatic reorder level warnings
  • Full audit trail
  • Customer master file management
  • Stocktake by scanners
  • Fully integrated buying
  • Built-in gift card and loyalty functionality


  • Best sellers
  • Worst sellers
  • Sales by store, area manager & region
  • Fully integrated buying

Stock control

  • View stock availability across stores
  • Transfer stock between stores
  • Reorder quantity suggestions
  • Barcode label
  • Full audit trail printing
  • Transfers and distribution

Retail intelligence
Head-office centralised:

  • Debtors & creditors
  • Stock management
  • Reporting, purchase, orders & distribution
  • Automatic reorder level warnings
  • Suggested reorder quantities
  • Emailing of management reports
  • Emailing of invoices & statements
  • Emailing of purchase orders
  • Transfers and distribution
  • Barcode label printing
  • Full audit trail

Point of sale

  • Live platform allows periodic synchronisation
  • Cash & account
  • Sales & returns
  • Stock search with item display
  • Multi-currency tendering
  • Prepaid airtime and electricity sales
  • Lay-bys and appros
  • Customer orders and quotations
  • Petty cash control

Retail intelligence
Back office

  • Inventory master file management
  • Multiple codes per item
  • Alphanumeric stock codes
  • Multiple pricelists
  • Colour & size matrix
  • Pack size items
  • Service/labour items
  • Promotions/multi buys
  • Customer master file management
  • Loyalty programme
  • Vouchers & gift cards
  • Revolving credit module
  • Stock take by scanners

Suited markets

  • Clothing
  • Footwear
  • Liquor
  • Garden Centres
  • Merchandise
  • Hardware
  • Textiles
  • Furniture
  • Cellular
  • FMCG